TIARG2003 126  Lunga from Fladda IMG 4896 copy1  Lunga from Fladda P6302491  Lunga from Sgeir a Chaisteil P6302470  View towards Staffa and Mull
P6300359  View NE towards Mull IMG 0595  Lunga from Sgeir a Chaisteil with campion in the foreground. P6302482 copy  Corran Lunga towards Sgeir a Chaisteil P6302487 copy  Corran Lunga towards Harp Rock
P6302493 copy  East coast of Sgeir a Chaisteil looking northeast towards Mull IMG 4986 copy  West side looking south to Harp Rock P5090699  Rock feature south of first gully P7022521 copy  Towards Ben More on Mull
P6300362  SE from Lunga TIARG2003 089 copy  Shearwater Gully TIARG2003 086 copy  Shag Alley TIARG2003 113  South end from highest point
IMG 0531 copy  Boulder Beach, Corran Lunga looking north P7022524 copy  North from Lunga over Fladda and  the Cairn na Burghs towards west tip of Mull IMG 1103 copy  Tarbert - looking back towards Harp Rock IMG 1109 copy  South end rock
IMG 1111  South end rock IMG 1114 copy  Pond life P7032600  The Dutchmans Cap IMG 4913 copya  The Cairn na Burgh islands
IMG 4925 copy  The Key Hole IMG 4922 copy  Tidal pool P6290305  The Dutchman - with flying Puffin Treshnish2 copy  Treshnish Isles from Treshnish Farm, Mull
IMG 1224a  Shags on sentry duty P5090710r  Adult in early May - showing crest P1010438  Shag shags head
shag IMG 6526a  Shag IMG 1148  Shag adult with two young IMG 1128a  Young Shags - not the most attractive of birds
P6308954cr  Immature Shags P5090726  Juvenile from previous year in early May PICT0025  Female Eider sitting tight on nest IMG 6561  Eider nest
P6272309a  Greylag Geese IMG 0408  Greylag Geese in moulting flock bonxie with greylag  Great Skua (Bonxie) with dead Greylag Goose it has drowned TIARG2003 027  Manx Shearwater
IMG 4904 copy  Bonxie on look out duty P6268827  Bonxie on look out Bonxie nest 7  Bonxie egg
P7040499  Bonxie chick fulmar  Fulmar PICT0018  Fulmar P1010639  Fulmar
IMG 4980  Fulmar P7040501a  Great Black-backed Gull chick P1010507trim  Pair of Great black-backed Gull chicks IMG 1139
IMG 6675a P7050593  Herring Gull P7012514  Artic Terns in the air as we prepare to count the eggs P1010597  Artic Tern eggs
Artic Tern chick P6290317  Razorbill P6282395a  Razorbill - a bird with attitude P7032605  Razorbills
P6300377  Razorbill sunning point P6300383  Young Razorbill P6300379  Young Razorbill P1020953  Razorbills can be very confiding - even going under one's leg
IMG 4923  Black Guillemot or Tystie P6290205  Guillemots P6290318  Guillemots P6268767 copy cr  Guillemots on colony
P6282333  Guillemots with a bridled form to the fore P6290323  Guillemot P6268686  Guillemot chick P7032643  Young Guillemots brought down to this position are now about to jump as the evening light fades away
P6290338  Harp Rock from high up - home to 7000 Guillemots P6282401  Harp Rock from the footpath P6282404  North West corner of Harp Rock P6282402  North East corner of Harp Rock
P6282377  Guillemot terraces P6282356  Tightly packed Guillemots (over 1100) P6308901  Seaward side of Harp rock P7032559  Puffins enjoying the late evening
P7032546  Puffin P7032556  Puffin P7032589a  Puffin P7032554trA  Puffin
IMG 4972a  Puffin P7032617  Puffin close up P6308948  Puffin with retained winter plumage P6290327  Kittiwake
P6290330  Kittiwake P6268747  Kittiwake and chick PICT0026  Oystercatcher chick hiding! 08 Treshnish - Snipe nest  Snipe nest
P6288864  Snipe chick P1010456  Juvenile Wheatear P6272306  Seals IMG 6629
P6300373  Six-spot Burnet P7040511  Wood Tiger garden tiger  Garden Tiger caterpiller elachista argentella1
P1020991  (worn) Angleshades P1020892  Knot grass IMG 5002  Yellowshell PICT0055  Map-winged Swift
P1020895  Bright-line Brown-eye P1020899  Clouded-bordered Brindle P1030099  Magie P6300366
PICT0053 P6300363  Sea Campion P6300360 IMG 6707
IMG 0505 P6290345 IMG 0499  Oyster Plant P7040530  Angelica
IMG 1226a P6302455  Campsite - the old village IMG 0418a  The old roof timbers P6302472  Boulder (landing) Beach
P6302497  Sgeir a Chaisteil - looking south P6302495  Kidney Vetch TIARG2003 097 IMG 0513
IMG 1123 P6302463a IMG 1214 copy TIARG2003 116
TIARG2003 100a P6302466 IMG 1230a TIARG2003 056
TIARG2003 161 TIARG2003 083 TIARG2003 042  Evening light to Coll P7032640  Seabird city at dusk
P7032632atr  Sunset Sunset puffins  sunset puffins 1 P1030095a  Our memorial to Simon TIARG2003 047 copy1  sunset puffins 2
P7032652a  Due north at sunset - with Rum, Skye and Eigg in the distance P6288884cr  Across to Coll at sunset P5090696r  Countrywise Film Crew : Countrywise film crew Treshnish P5090704r  Liz Bonnin interviewing Robin Ward for Countrywise : Liz Bonnin with Robin Ward Treshnish Isles
Skull of Pilot Whale  Pilot Whales scull P6308912  The Dutchman - south end P6308916  The Dutchman from east side of Little Dutchman with Lunga in the distance P6308919  Another view of the dutchman from the south